About the Irish Craft Association

The Irish Craft Association is to support, assist, and help artists and craft people move forward in their business.

It is set up for everyone from students to ‘been around for a while’ creative people. It is also interested in having craft/art suppliers and services as members.

This association is set up with the intention of looking after every aspect of the craft industry on a personal level.

Not only is there membership for crafts people and artists, but suppliers and services for crafts and arts are also invited to join.

When people come together there is always a vast amount of experience that everyone can benefit from.


Feedback Meetings

FEEDBACK meetings are run by the Irish Craft Association, a casual meeting of like minded people, helped along with refreshments. It is definitely not a lecture or formal affair.

It really works on the individual and their needs.

FEEDBACK meetings can be: meeting others to discuss what is going on for them, to getting pointed in the right direction for a good course or connecting with the mentoring section of their local enterprise board. Hearing who craft people and artists think are good suppliers, where good fairs or retail outlets are, and in general listening to other peoples experiences

It gets back down to ground level; discussing what is really going on for you in your business, and being able to talk with others in the similar situations.

The meetings are called FEEDBACK, because unless it is meeting all your requirements, then it is not functioning properly. At the meetings you are directing the next topic to be covered, your feedback is vital.

Contact us

You can call Karen Harper on 086 888 5321

or email   karen.noticeboard@gmail.com